I decided to sign up with Fitness and Beyond because I wanted to enroll into the Police Academy and was in horrible shape.  I didn’t work out in about twelve years.  At the time, my diet consisted of pizza, cereal, and chocolate bars.  In addition to that, I smoked a pack of cigarettes per day.  I knew I had to change my lifestyle and came into contact with Fitness and Beyond.  My trainer met me where I was at and started to teach me strong health principles.  As a result, I lost 15lbs, quit smoking, and I’ve ran a handful of marathons since.  I currently work for the Baltimore Police Department!  I can honestly say that Fitness and Beyond was paramount to transforming my health and helping me to achieve my goal!

I lost 10 lbs and a total of 5 inches in about 3 weeks and still counting.  My trainer makes my workout fun and challenging.  When I’m finished working out, I leave energetic and feeling amazing!  My trainer gives me 100% of his attention and is very compassionate to my specific needs. He keeps track of my diet and progression throughout.  Thank You Fitness and Beyond for providing a great experience for me!

I’ve been with my trainer for 3 years now and I’ve gotten more than I desired.  As a mother, I was in search for a work-out regimen that I would stay committed to with my busy schedule.  My trainer knew exactly what I needed and what would work for me.  I currently attend fiitness bootcamp for Mom’s and I’m loving it!  I lost 10 lbs as a result and feel awesome by the time I’m done.  Fitness and Beyond has taught me great discipline and allowed me to stay fit for 3 years in succession.

I came to Danny expecting to meet a trainer that would whip me into shape.  I’ve used a trainers in the past and they seem to all follow the “drill seargent method.  I have to tell you that what I received is far beyond my expectations. It’s like I came for a body makeover and I was a given a mental, Spiritual, and emotional rejuvenation.  And to boot I life long pain in my tail bone seemed to miraculously disappear.  Danny has educated me overall wellness to increase my knowledge base of core strengthening exercises, safety during training, and healthy eating, life disciplines.  I lost 15 lbs due to the tailor made program that was made for me.  Danny is not only professional and understanding, but he leads by example.  Thank you Danny!!!!

I Lost 2% body fat, 5 lbs, and 6 ½ inches around my waist, thighs, & hips.  I feel great, my quality of life has improved and I’m still going strong with exercising.  I noticed that my overall strength, stamina, and flexibility has improved.  I am so thankful for Danny in helping me achieve my goals now and in the future. 


I met my trainer about 2 years ago at a networking event and was entrigued by his humble yet firm and passionate way of speaking about his profession.  I decided to give him a try and joined his boot camp.  Due to lack of exercise I had lost the shape in my arms, legs and stomach and wanted to get it back.  Not only did I achieve the body I wanted, Fitness and Beyond provided me with inspiration, motivation, and loving support.  I have since entered a handful of 5K’s, took up mountain climbing, and ran a 10 mile Spartan Race!  That’s right, I’m Spartan tough.

 Meet the Trainer, Danny Ribaudo