danny-personal-page-resizeMeet Danny Ribaudo

Personal Trainer & Owner 

About 5 years ago I was 40 pounds over weight, smoking a pack a day, depressed and ingesting enough toxins to kill a horse! Hi my name is Danny Ribaudo and I am a certified personal trainer, life coach, and am the founder of Fitness and Beyond. Through discipline, hard work, open-mindedness, and willingness I was able to transform my life and I have since dedicated it to transforming the lives of others. My unique mind, body, and spirit approach has been a best kept secret. It is simple and highly effective. It wasn't until I incorporated all three components into my life that I was able to re-create it. I have come to discover that there is no limit to how much one person can grow. The possibilities are endless! Not having the genetics of an athlete nor a scholar, I understand the trials and tribulations some may face when wanting to become healthy, fit, successful and/or take their life to the next level. My deep passion, love, and understanding for others is what allows Fitness and Beyond to be in a league of it's own. 

"I believe we all have an Infinite Greatness that lives within us. Why I exist is to guide others to tap into their Greatness and thus live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives."