Our Vision is that everyone in the world is awakened to and has access to the infinite Greatness, Power, and Love which lives within them; resulting in a quality of life better than anything they have ever dreamed.


Our Mission is to provide you a structure that will positively transform your overall health, performance, and ultimately your life leading to a sustained state of optimal well-being. The areas that we are committed to transforming include but are not limited to obesity, stress, morale, ability to think clearly and creatively, quality and outlook on life, level of energy, weak immune systems, stamina, heart disease, muscle tone, pain management, self-confidence, work capacity, attitude, level of fulfillment, happiness, and relationships.

Our Philosophy

The definition of wellness is the integration of mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal well being.

We believe that the human being is made up of 3 components: mind, body, and spirit. We assert that if all three parts are not exercised then that person, wether they be sick or highly functioning, is not operating at their optimal capacity. We believe that he or she can still raise their health and their life to a whole new level. Let's take a tripod for example. A tripod is made of 3 legs, each just as important as the other. What would happen if you take one of those legs away? That's right, it would fall. The tripod will not perform the way it was built to. Now, we are not tripods! We are human beings and we are marvelous mechanisms. Fitness and Beyond invites you to take your life to the highest level you can imagine by participating in our custom fit mind, body, and spirit transformational programs. We assert that you will experience life altering results in your personal and business lives. You, your family, or your company will be unstoppable and will soar over your goals and expectations. It is only in actually doing what we are presenting that you will proceed to see results, and those results will be priceless!


 Meet the Trainer, Danny Ribaudo