What do you Mean Spirit?

Have you ever wondered how one man with artificial legs can run a marathon whereas another with healthy legs refuses to step into a gym? Or how about how a pauper can be happy, joyous and free where as a thriving celebrity with more money than they can imagine takes their own life? How does one woman survive breast cancer over another? How does one overcome an addiction over another? Sure genetics, diet, medical care, and circumstances can all play a role in this. But suppose someone has great genetics, comes from a loving family, and has the means to purchase all the health care needed. Then what separates one from the other? Let’s take Michael Jackson for instance. He had the world at his fingertips but unfortunately he still descended down a path of substance abuse which lead to his death. I challenge you to consider that maybe what can distinguish one over the other is a healthy Spirit.

Now hold on, don’t lose your shorts yet! When I say Spirit I don’t necessarily mean a religious fanatic or holy roller who becomes a guru out in nowhere land. Although these types do have their benefits and work for some people, I am speaking more in terms of a Spirit that lives within you. Allow me to explain.

The definition of wellness is the integration of mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal well being. (The aerobic and Fitness Association of America). At Fitness and Beyond we believe that the human being is made up of 3 components: mind, body, and spirit. We assert that if all three parts are not exercised then that person, wether they be sick or highly functioning, is not operating at their optimal capacity. We believe that he or she can still raise their health and their life to a whole new level. Let's take a tripod for example. A tripod is made up of 3 legs, each just as important as the other. What would happen if you take one of those legs away? That's right, it would fall. The tripod will not perform the way it was built to. Now, we are not tripods! We are human beings and we are marvelous mechanisms. However what separates these miracle athletes and survivors from the rest of the world is a healthy Spirit. They dig deep within themselves and tap into their human Spirit. Not convinced yet? Read on.

I think it is safe to assume that at some point we all have referenced the phrase "Christmas Spirit", "the spirit of giving", and/or "school spirit".  We are familiar with the term, but do we actually know what the word means? Not being something you can touch, see, hear, smell, or taste; SPIRIT,  is an intangible, internal Power that allows someone to behave in such a way and/or defy a limit that would ordinarily seem unlikely or even impossible. When operating from a healthy Spirit one will experience a heightened sense of energy, fulfillment, joy, happiness and well being. We have all heard of the miser who decides to make an anonymous donation. Or how about the young lady who surfs with no arms? What powers a city that comes together to rebuild a community (NYC 9-11)? Don’t you think a girl who lifts a car to save her dad’s life is using a source of power that exceeds physical strength! Yes i said lift a car!!

Can anyone besides myself attest to the fact that whether you are at a holiday play, competing in an event, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or at a pep rally you surely are not sobbing over your problems? Nine times out of ten you will walk out of the event feeling renewed and joyful. Just to be clear I am not discrediting your problems nor your personal issues. We all have them, they are real, and some seem impossible to overcome. Nor am I saying that exercising the Spirit will solve all your problems. What I hope to do is to introduce to you a part of your human makeup that perhaps has been neglected. I assert that if exercised, a healthy Spirit can really make a vital difference in your well being which in part will spill over to all areas of your life. After all what good is a tripod without the third leg?

Are you ready and willing to exercise your Spirit? If so choose one or all of the “Fitness for the Spirit” exercises. Practice this exercise everyday this week and be open for your health and well being making a shift for the better! Spiritual fitness is no different than physical fitness in the sense that no one can go to the gym one time and lose 20 lbs. Just like physical exercise can be hard, tiring, and painful so can spiritual exercise. However over a period of time if done right can be life changing, exciting, and fruitful. We all love looking at ourselves in the mirror after a few weeks/months of diet and exercise. All of a sudden we start to see cuts, curves, and shapes on ourselves that we never seen before. You can’t put a value on the time when your co-worker or spouse says “Wow you look great! Have you been working out!” These type of results don’t happen over night. It takes consistency, hard work, discipline, open-mindedness, and patience. These are the key ingredients to seeing spiritual results manifest in your life.

I pray you all take this concept in good taste and begin to experience the transformation of a lifetime! 

 Meet the Trainer, Danny Ribaudo