Mind Transformation?

Have you ever been enjoying your day when out of nowhere you become worried, depressed or tired?  Are you constantly stressed out?  Are you having trouble sleeping, focusing for a period of time, remembering, and/or being able to enjoy a particular activity?  Have you ever experienced  having a good night sleep and before 12:00 PM comes around the next day you are ready to take a nap?  Are you experiencing feeling overwhelm with everything you “need” to do?  Or maybe you’re just at a standstill in your life and don’t know where to go next.  My experience has shown me that these are symptoms of an overworked and under-exercised mind.  At Fitness and Beyond we are aware of the consistent conscious and subconscious “chatter” going on in our minds.  Unfortunately we speak to ourselves in a way that is usually negative, judgmental, and in compassionate.  We wouldn’t let our worst enemy speak to us the way we sometimes speak to ourselves.  If we’re not beating ourselves up about what we could of, would of, or should of done; then we’re usually worrying about what we need to do in the future.  This type of thinking depletes our energy and depresses our mood. 

Now just to be clear we strongly believe in constructive reflection, goal setting, and strategic planning.  As a matter of fact, without it would just make for more stress and unhappiness.  However there is a time and place for such mental work and it should not be when you’re trying to enjoy a loved one’s company, trying to fall asleep, nor should they be the thoughts of every waking hour.  We have the world’s most sophisticated, powerful, and intelligent computer located between our ears and most of us don’t give it the time, care, and maintenance it requires to function to the best of it’s ability.  It’s absurd when you think about it!  We take better care of our cars than we do our minds. 

Fitness and Beyond incorporates mind exercises in our custom fit personal training packages which are designed to relax, slow, and quiet down your mind leaving you with peace, clarity, and more energy than you ever had!  Five minutes of mental care and nurture has proven to be more effective than hours of sleeping.  This is possible because we are able to break the pattern of the countless energy-wasting hours of worrying, obsessing, fantasizing, and/or sitting in negative reflection.  So instead of losing your mind, you will loosen your mind when you participate in Fitness and Beyond’s mental workouts.  We assert that after participating in our mind-body workouts you will experience heightened tranquillity, focus, clarity, creativity, energy, mind control, happiness, motivation and lightness.

 Meet the Trainer, Danny Ribaudo